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About Us

Gill Family Properties is a privately held firm that has been in the development and management business for over a decade. The members of the company have been in the real estate business for more than 40 years.

Our portfolio consists of commercial and residential properties throughout Missouri. We are growing daily and have several projects under construction for the remainder of the year.


Samuel Gill
Sam has been in the in the real estate business in every form imaginable since the 1970s. He has had the opportunity to develop, own, manage, rehab and sell thousands of parcels over the past 40 years.

In addition, he has experience through banking, insurance, title, appraising and consulting along the way. Sam brings a huge amount of knowledge to the table for every deal Gill Family Properties undertakes.

Todd Gill
Todd Gill has been involved with real estate transactions since the early 1990s. He has experience with multifamily rental markets in all 50 states, but his multifamily expertise in the Midwest is our biggest asset.
Having spent time in many of the largest markets in the country all the way down to the smallest in the world, Todd has the advantage of knowing what kind of deals will work in what kind of demographic settings.

Cash Gill
Cash Gill has dealt with the marketing and design of all types of real estate since the late 1990s. Having set the stage for our properties to enter the market, Cash’s main goals are to give our tenants the peace of mind that they are in the most visible locations in the area.
If you are wondering why our properties are the most sought after around, look no further than Cash’s ability to put them in the light they deserve. Working with the best of the best in this region, our properties are seen at the right time by the right people. Those with whom you would be happy to share walls.

Chad Gill
Chad Gill has more than a decade of experience in development, management and banking. With nose for deals and a mastery of the inner workings of today’s lending systems, Chad Gill is at the forefront of Gill Family Properties’ success. Working daily securing new properties and finding inventive ways to work in today’s volatile financing market makes Chad an integral part of our company’s advancement in the market place.
Scouring markets from top to bottom, Chad has put our new commercial and multifamily products in the most ideal locations imaginable. New tenants have him to thank for their ease of access and close proximity to the best services in these markets.