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FAQ & Policies

When is rent due?

Rent is due in full on the first day of the month. Please see your property manager for your particular properties’ late fee policy.

How do I pay rent?

You may pay rent by money order, cashier’s check, personal check, or debit card. No cash is accepted. You may mail your payments to our office, pay in-person, over the phone with your debit card, or online with your checking account information.

Who do I contact in case of a maintenance emergency?

In case of maintenance emergency between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Mon-Fri. Please call our office for assistance. After hours your call will be received by an answering service that will take all your information, and contact management to assist you.

Do you have a website?

Yes, our website is Once you are established in our system as a tenant you may log in through the tenant portal.On the tenant portal you can pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and give your 30-day written notice to vacate. Are pets allowed?- Yes, we do allow pets 25 lbs. and under. We limit two pets only per unit. A nonrefundable pet deposit is required along with a monthly pet fee. Please contact your property manager for fee details.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we do allow pets 25 lbs. and under. We limit two pets only per unit. A nonrefundable pet deposit is required along with a monthly pet fee. Please contact your property manager for fee details.

Is smoking allowed in the units?

No, all of our units are non-smoking. Due to safety concerns, and courtesy we ask that all tenants & guests refrain from smoking indoors.

What if I break my lease?

By signing a lease you are entering into a legally binding agreement for the term stated. Breaking the lease leaves you financially responsible for the rent on your unit until it is rented again.

Do I have to give notice if I am moving?

Yes, written notice must be received in our office 30 days prior to moving out. Even at the end of a lease if you do not plan to stay on after the lease term expires we need a 30-day notice. It is best to submit your notice through email, or on our tenant portal for your records. Verbal notices are not accepted and are not deemed to be valid notification.

Do you prorate rent upon move in?

Yes, we do prorate rent if you move in between the 1st -15th of the month. If you move in on the 16th of the month or after you are required to pay a full month’s rent. You will receive a credit on your second month to compensate for the days you were not in the unit the first month.

Do you prorate rent upon move out?

No, we do not prorate if you move out in the middle of a month. If you are in the unit on the first on the month you owe for the entire month.

What if I get locked out?

We do not service lock outs, so please make extra copies of your keys so that you have a spare back up.

How do I dispose of my trash?

Trash services are provided in your lease agreement. Please place all trash in the receptacles provided on the property, and please refrain from leaving trash on your porch or deck.

Do you provide pest control?

Yes, we provide regular quarterly services by licensed exterminators. However, any infestation of fleas, roaches, bedbugs, etc. caused by tenant is to be remedied by the tenant at their expense immediately.

Can I/my roommate have my/their name removed from the lease?

Anytime there is a roommate that wants to be removed from the lease we require a written notice signed by both parties agreeing to relieve one party of financial responsibility, and the remaining roommate claiming full financial responsibility. We also require verification of income for the remaining tenant, and must be approved by management.

Is there assigned parking?

No, while there is no assigned parking each unit is allowed two parking spaces. We ask that guests do not use other tenant’s parking.

What utilities am I responsible for?

The utilities that the tenant must pay vary depending on which of our properties you reside at. Please ask your property manager what utilities you are required to pay. All utilities that are the tenant’s responsibility must be transferred prior to receiving the keys to the unit. Utilities left in the name of Gill Family Properties will be terminated as of lease date no exceptions.

Is there a move out inspection?

Yes, It is not necessary for you to be present during the move-out inspection. Although, if you would like to be present during your inspection, please call the office to make an appointment. If the inspection is not scheduled, or you are not ready when the inspector shows up, then it will be performed after you vacate the property.