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Tenant Move Out Checklist

We understand that the last few weeks before you move are exceptionally busy ones however, we do request that you attend to a number of small but important details. In order to be eligible to receive part or all of your security deposit the following conditions must be met:

  • We must receive a 30 day written notice
  • We must have the exact date the home will be vacant so we can advertise the correct availability date.
  • You must provide your forwarding address
  • All utilities must remain on in your name until the final day of residency.
  • Door & mail box keys must be returned on last day of occupancy.

When your 30-day notice is submitted you will receive a “Move-out Checklist.” Please remember that cleaning is expected when you move out. Failure to do so could result in loss of deposit, and additional charges. It is our goal to refund 100% of your security deposit, and by following the checklist provided you will help us achieve that goal. If you need assistance with any of the items we have a list of professionals that we can refer.